​18th September, 2018 – Postgraduate Centre, RUH Bath. Chaired by Mr Stephen Dalton and Mr Ed Courtney, this one day meeting is aimed at all healthcare professionals with an interest in the management of patients with Rectal Cancer. Outline meeting schedule:

Session 1: Staging and neoadjuvant therapy
Updates on new staging techniques and advances in neo-adjuvant therapy, with discussion on how to achieve more consistent practice across the region

Session 2: Surgical technology and techniques
Covering robotic TME and the challenges of transanal TME, with expert video demonstrations of techniques

Lunchtime debate: De-functioning ileostomy is essential in the modern era

Session 3: Advanced rectal cancer
Discussing appropriate referral pathways for advanced cancers, the use of targeted therapies and best practice for palliative care

SW regional round-up and discussion

Session 4: Age and rectal cancer
Is the epidemiology of rectal cancer changing? How should younger patients be supported and what are the considerations for elderly, frail patients? What happens when things go wrong?