Regional representatives

Network of trainees representing colorectal trainee views.

The aim of regional trainee representatives is to develop a national network of trainees who will represent regional colorectal trainee views.

The regional trainee representatives work alongside the ACPGBI chapter representative to help promote and deliver regional and national ACPGBI and Dukes’ Club activities.

Rachel Clifford – Mersey

As I come to the end of my PhD focusing upon biomarkers for locally advanced rectal cancer, as an RCS research fellow, I will return to training as ST5. I have represented the Mersey deanery as the Dukes’ rep for the last 2 years, and look forward to continuing to contribute to building a strong trainee network across grades.

Katie Siggens – Wessex

I’m ST6 in Wessex having worked across the region since core training. I’m currently out of programme undertaking research in Advanced Endoscopy.

Ioanna Drami – North East Thames

Ioanna is a higher surgical trainee (ST5) in the North East and Central London deanery, with a special interest in colorectal cancer. Her academic background includes a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at QMUL and an MSc at Imperial College in Reproductive and Developmental Biology. Ioanna elected to take time out of training to undertake a PhD at St Mark’s Institute and Imperial College, under the supervision of Mr Ian Jenkins and Professor Stella Knight, as part of the BiCyCLE research group.

Nauman Ahmed – North West

I am currently ST4. I have done Fellowship In General Surgery from Pakistan (FCPS) and European Board (FEBS). My main interests are rectal cancer & minimal invasive surgery. I have special interest in medical education. I endeavour to represent my peers to best of my abilities.

Vicky Proctor – Yorkshire

I am currently ST7 in Yorkshire and the Humber. I have recently led the Management of Acutely Symptomatic Hernia (MASH) study.

Abigail Vallance – South West

Abigail is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in colorectal surgery and honorary ST6 colorectal registrar in the Seven Deanery. She is the RCS associate sub-speciality lead for colorectal research and a member of the ACPGBI research and audit committee.  She was a member of the Dukes’ Club executive committee for 3 years and is now looking forward to working with the Dukes’ Club in the South West.

Alethea Tang – South Wales

I am a ST5 in the Wales Deanery currently out of programme completing my MD in early detection of colorectal cancer at Swansea University.

Duncan Scrimgeour – Scotland

I am an ST8 with an interest in minimally invasive colorectal surgery, abdominal wall reconstruction and surgical education. I was the first intercollegiate research fellow of the four UK and Ireland surgical royal colleges and have completed an MSc on ‘High throughput molecular profiling of colorectal cancer’ and a PhD on ‘Predicting performance in UK surgical training’. As the newly appointed regional trainee representative of Scotland I endeavour to represent my peers honestly, impartially and without bias.

Lauren O’Connell – Republic of Ireland

Lauren is currently a Higher Surgical trainee (ST5) in the Republic of Ireland having graduated from

University College Dublin in 2014. She has recently returned from OOP completing an MD on

adenosine signalling and mucosal defence in inflammatory bowel disease. She is also currently one

of the ASiT regional representatives for the Republic of Ireland. Her particular interests include

robotic colorectal surgery, surgical training and education and digital surgery.

Iannish Sadien – East Anglia

I am an ST5 in General Surgery in the East of England deanery. I did my undergraduate and clinical degrees at the University of Cambridge, followed by foundation and core surgical training in the East of England. As such, I am familiar with several of the Trusts in the region and know some of the issues faced by colorectal trainees locally. I am passionate about academia, and I am currently undertaking a PhD. My research interest is genetic heterogeneity in colorectal cancer. Outside of work, I like home-brewing and going on long walks with our dog.

Nollaig O’Donohoe – SE Thames

Nollaig is just finishing ST7 General and Colorectal surgery in South East London. Her interests include advanced endoscopy, benign colorectal and emergency surgery. She holds a Masters in public health and spent two years working as rural surgeon in Uganda. She maintains a keen interest in global surgery

Thomas Barnes – Oxford

Tom trained in Liverpool Medical School and spent his Foundation and Core Training years in Merseyside and moved to the Oxford Region in 2014 to start Higher Surgical Training. After completing ST3, he went out of programme to complete a PhD at the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, Oxford University in the use of fluorescence in gastrointestinal surgery completing this in 2018.

Hazim Eltyeb – Northen

I am currently an ST6 in the North East of England, finishing an MReS researching the role of robotic resections for diverticular disease. I have an interest in robotic surgery, ventral abdominal hernia as well as education and training.

Orestis Argyriou- North West Thames

I am an ST4 in General Surgery, in North West London, with an interest in Colorectal Surgery.

Also, I have been quite enthusiastic about Medical Education, and I am currently completing my MSc in Medical Education, with the University of Liverpool.

Following this, and prior to my final surgical training years, I plan to undertake my research, leading to a higher degree, with Imperial College London.

Robert Tyler – West Midlands

I am currently an ST6 in the West Midlands deanery, having previously trained in Glasgow and Cambridge.  I have just completed a PhD in sarcoma cancer genomics.  I am interested in the management of early rectal cancer and improving trainees’ exposure to minimally invasive surgery techniques.

Khaldoun Nadi- North Wales

I am one of the Welsh general surgical trainees with colorectal interest. I am currently working in Bangor in the north of Wales. I am happy to work with The Dukes’ Club as the North Wales representative and am looking forward to expanding the colorectal community locally and promoting the activities of The Dukes’ Club and ACPGBI.

Jennifer Couch- East Midlands

I am ST7 in the East Midlands North and currently undertaking my PhD looking at inflammatory bowel disease outcomes

Liam Convie- Northern Ireland

I am ST7 in the Northern Ireland Deanery. As a RCS research fellow I have completed a MD at Queen’s University Belfast assessing the quality of the informed consent process for surgery. I have also completed a MSc in medical education. My areas of interest include advanced colorectal cancer and surgical training.