Ongoing/not yet reported trials

There are excellent summaries on the ACPGBI’s website:

Key published colorectal papers

Dutch TME trial

An RCT to determine whether the addition of preoperative radiotherapy increases the benefit of total mesorectal excision

The German CAO/ARO/AIO-94 trial

A randomized phase III Trial of preoperative chemoradiotherapy vs. postoperative chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer.

The Ladies trial

An RCT of management in acute diverticulitis.

Aims to determine whether LaparOscopic LAvage and drainage is a safe and effective treatment for patients with purulent peritonitis (LOLA-arm) and to determine the optimal resectional strategy in patients with a purulent or faecal peritonitis (DIVA-arm: perforated DIVerticulitis: sigmoidresection with or without Anastomosis).

The MERCURY study

Study of accuracy, feasibility and reproducibility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to stage rectal cancer

The MRC CR07 trial

A trial of preoperative radiotherapy versus selective postoperative chemoradiotherapy in patients with rectal cancer

The QUASAR study

A trial to determine the size and duration of any survival benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with colorectal cancer at low risk of recurrence, for whom the indication for such treatment is unclear.


A trial of open versus laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer