The Dukes’ Club Collaborative

The Duke's Club CollaborativeThe Dukes’ Club Collaborative is a national trainee collaborative for colorectal surgery. This has been founded by The Dukes’ Club Committee to facilitate national research led by colorectal trainees.

CLOSE-IT study

The first study, CLOSE-IT, investigating time to ileostomy closure after anterior resection for rectal cancer and exploring reasons for the delay, with prospective data collection completed recruiting in 2018.

The collaborative authorship list is below – please respond to with any corrections by 17/7/20. After this point corrections or additions will not be possible

‘Abigail Vallance, Adam Chambers, Adam Stearns, Adam Walsh, Adeline Rankin, Aftab Khan, Alastair Morton, Alec Engledow, Alex Curtis, Alex Makhort, Alex Newman, Alex Shaw, Alex Wilkins, Alexander Curtis, Alexander Jones, Alexei Makhort, Alice Groves, Amarvir Bilkhu, Andrew Alabi, Andrew Miller, Angeliki Kosti, Ann Lyons, Anna Sayers, Anthony Homer, Antonio Soares, António Soares, Anwen Williams, Arabis Oglesby, Areeg Abdelmabod, Arnaldo Silva, Arslan Pannu, Azam Khan, Ben Stubbs, Bhamini Vadhwana, Boyd-Carson, Carina Cruz, Charlotte El-Sayed, Chelise Currow, Christopher Bowman, Christopher Liao, Chrsitopher Rao, Constantine  Halkias, Constantine Halkias, Damian Glancy, David Anderson, David Bowden, Dimitrios Zosimas, Dominic Waugh, Doug Speake, Duncan Scrimgeour, Eimear Monaghan, Eleanor Crossley, Eman Alkizwini, Emma Barron, Emma Blower, Epameinondas Kastanias, Frances Moseley, Frances Mosley, Francis Ugwu, Gemma  Faulkner, Gemma  Gossedge, Gemma Faulkner, Gemma Gossedge, George Ramsay, Geraint Lloyd, Gethin Williams, Giuseppe Preziosi, Gordon Mcadam, Gregory Taylor, Hannah Boyd-Carson, Hannah Copley, Haritharan Naheswaran, Helen Black, Henry Ferguson, Hoey Koh, Huw Jones, Ian Lord, Ieuan Reece, Jake Foster, James Pitt, Jamshed Shabbir, Janahan Sarveswaran, Jayesh Sagar, Jayne Foot, Joanna Allison, Joanna Hilton, Joanne Deery, John Fallon, Jon  Lund, Jon Lund, Jonathan Easterbrook, Jordan Fletcher, Joseph Bailey, Joseph Huang, Joseph John, Joyti Roy, Julie Cornish, Kai Leong, Kapil Sahnan, Katherine  Hodson, Katherine Hodson, Katie Adams, Katie Cross, Katie Hobson, Katie Siggens, Kenneth Keogh, Khalid Hureibi, Khawar Hashmi, Laura Muirhead, Lauren Kennedy, Lee Sheahlin, Lilian Reza, Lucy Pippard, Luke Dickerson, Lynn Stevenson, Manish Chand, Marcus Chan, Marina Yiasemidou, Matt Boal, Matt Wiggans, Matthew Boal, Michael Feretis, Michael Saunders, Michael Shinkwin, Michael Thornton, Mike Williamson, Mohamed Elshaer, Mohamed Rabie, Mohammed Fakhrul-Aldeen, Mohan Harilingam, Nader Francis, Nathan Curtis, Neil Smart, Nicola Fearnhead, Nicholas Symons, Nick  Reay-Jones, Nick Reay-Jones, Nicky Marks, Nicola Eardley, Nikhil Nanjappa, Nikhil Nanjappa Ballanamada Appaiah, Nikhil Pawa, Nilofer Husnoo, Oliver Warren, Osian James, Paul Mackey, Paul Sutton, Philip Herrod, Philippa Orchard, Phill Tozer, Pia Persson, Prashan Lokanathan, Rachel Falconer, Rachel Thomas, Raj Harshen, Rajeed Kushwaha, Rajin Maahi, Rakesh Bhardwaj, Rami Radwan, Raymond Oliphant, Rebecca Bourdon-Pierre, Rebecca Fallaize, Robbyn Iddles, Rory Kelleher, Sajal Rai, Sajid Mehmood, Sam Arman, Sam Granger, Samuel Lawday, Santosh Bhandari, Sarah Duff, Sheik Fazal Ur Rehman, Sheik Rehman, Smrthi Mitra, Sonia Lockwood, Sophie Doran, Sophie Pilkington, Sophie Shepehrd, Sophie Shepherd, Stella Dilke, Steve Lindley, Sue Chandler, Susan Chandler, Susan Moug, Talisa Ross, Tasadooq Hussain, Thomas Roe, Thusitha Hettiarachchi, Tom Mcbride, Tomas Mcbride, Una Walsh, Vera Kulikova, Vimal Hariharan, Vivek Datta, William Kenworthy, Yousef Ibrahim, Ysabelle Thackray’



DAMASCUS is an international, prospective study aiming to investigate the international variability in the presentation and index management of acute diverticulitis, and whether there is an association between index management and short and medium-term clinical outcomes.

To collaborate in DAMASCUS, please fill this form. For surgical trainees who will change hospitals in October, please use your future hospital when you fill the form.

Click here for more information about the DAMASCUS study

The IMPACT Audit

This work will identify the way in which treatment decisions are made by specialists who deal with patients with complex rectal cancer and to link these decisions to clinical and survival outcomes.

The project is in its first phase and we are seeking UK and Irish MDT units to participate in the IMPACT Audit. We would be grateful if you could complete the expression of interest form to register your unit’s interest.

Click here for more information about the The IMPACT Audit