COVID-STAR (COVID-19 impact on Surgical Training And Recovery planning) is a pan-speciality pan-grade collaborative project. We urge you to take part.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every surgical trainee in some way whether that be in a professional or personal manner. There have been significant changes to surgical services and the clinical working environment, and many trainees have been redeployed and required to work outside their usual scope of practice.

The joint letter from ASiT and the 15 surgical trainee speciality associations regarding COVID-19 vowed to closely monitor its impact on surgical trainees and their training. During and after the pandemic has settled, real-world data will be a powerful and essential tool to advocate for trainees and influence training during the recovery phase.

So ASiT have collaborated with The Dukes’ Club, BSoT, PLASTA, AOT, Herrick Society, Roux Group, SCTS, BNTA, Mammary Fold, TriPS, BAPS, OMFS FiT and Rouleaux Club to design this survey to measure the impact of the COVID-19 situation on UK surgical training.

The survey is quick and important task to do – please take part!

Complete the survey here