National audit assessing the management of rectal cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic launches with 30 sites registered.

The ReCaP Study is an ACPGBI endorsed sub-study of the IMPACT Audit. IMPACT aims to improve standards in MDT management of patients with locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancer in the UK.

ReCaP will study decision-making and strategy for patients with rectal cancer, which will progress to a formal longitudinal cohort study to assess both the long term oncological and patient centred effects of the pandemic. There will be four phases:

  1. UK multi-centre audit of MDT decision-making
  2. Short-term outcomes and patient experience
  3. Three-year QoL
  4. Data linkage

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Further details:

Follow the study on Twitter: @IMPACT_ReCaP

Visual abstract of the ReCaP study