Nomination: Christine Hall

Place of work: University Hospital of North Midlands

Christine Hall (Chris) has recently retired after a 30+ year career in general and colorectal surgery, with most of her career having been spent in North Staffordshire.

Chris, as she is known by colleagues, friends, and patients alike, has dedicated her professional life to the care of the patients lucky enough to have her as their surgeon, the trainees and colleagues who she desperately wanted to share her enthusiasm and skills with, and the hospital and NHS as a whole which she sacrificed so much for.

I was one of the lucky ones to be trained by Chris and I saw in her a humility and work ethic which I aspire to every day.

She cared nothing for fame or reputation, but absolutely everything for the care of her patients, which, paradoxically, gave her a reputation amongst those patients which I doubt will ever be matched.

She was a truly inspirational colorectal surgeon and her presence in the hospital is missed every day.