Nomination: Professor Susan Moug

Place of work: Royal Alexandra Hospital

Susan is #surgeongoals! She is deeply committed to delivering patient-centred care, emulated by her commitment to PPI in her research, her holistic approach to patient care, coupled with her highly conscientious approach to working life as a surgeon.

She is considered one of the best trainers in the region; challenging her trainees to think critically and make decisions based on evidence and consideration of patient preferences. Susan truly ‘lifts as she climbs’ and altruistically gives students and trainees opportunities to flourish and excel in the specialty of their choosing.

Her impressive research CV is gaining international reputation – particularly given the clinical relevance and impact of her work for patients (and patient advocacy), for surgeons and the wider healthcare MDT.

I’ll forever be grateful for her mentorship, and latterly, friendship. Excited to see what the future holds for Prof Moug!