We hope you enjoyed watching the Broadcast 1 of The ICENI Centre’s ‘Controversies in Rectal Cancer – Patient factors that affect rectal cancer management’. You can now watch Broadcast 2 and gain more knowledge from experts on rectal cancer care, to support your clinical practice.

This episode features Professor Gina Brown’ lecture on MRI assessment of the mesorectum: What are the factors that change outcome? With an MDT discussion and presentation from Professor Crafa of the General & Oncologic Surgery Unit, San Giuseppe Moscati National Hospital, Avellino and expert comment from Consultant Greg Wynn and Professor Tan Arulampalam.

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Note: After the success of Broadcast 1 and the feedback received, we have added a section on the feedback form for viewers to post questions relating to the content of this series. Answers from the key speaker and/or Consultant Greg Wynn can be viewed on The ICENI Centre’s website, to be uploaded on the final day of each month.