In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we outline here our executive strategy for the next six months.

The Dukes’ Club Weekend 2020

We have provisionally rearranged the Annual Dukes’ Club Weekend to the 27-29th November 2020 at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel. All refunds for the April weekend have been processed through Eventbrite.

We will continue to monitor the evolving situation with regards to Coronavirus COVID-19 and will continue to work with and seek guidance from the ACPGBI council.

We have decided to permanently move the Annual Dukes’ Weekend to a winter event to better align ourselves strategically with other courses and conferences which may be of value and interest to our members.

The Dukes’ Club Executive Committee

The tenure of the current committee will be extended by 6 months to November 2020. Miss Deena Harji will formally hand over to Mr Peter Vaughan-Shaw in November 2020. A new committee will be elected in keeping with our constitution in November 2020 and will be in post till November 2021.

Dukes/Intuitive Robotic Travelling Fellowships

Given the recent limitations on international travel we will not be offering the Dukes/Intuitive Robotic Travelling Fellowships until the restrictions on travel are lifted.

The Dukes’ Club Virtual Educational Strategy

The Dukes’ Club is committed to delivering high quality educational content to all its members. We will be launching our virtual educational strategy in June 2020 to deliver high quality, online, interactive educational content to our members.

We would like to thank the ACPGBI, our sponsors, faculty members for The Dukes’ Club weekend and The Dukes’ Club 2019/20 executive committee for their support and commitment during these uncertain times. We would encourage our trainees to stand together in our collective response to this unprecedented situation. We will continue to work with our collaborative partners, including ACPGBI and ASiT on ensuring the most up to date information is available to our trainees.

Miss Deena Harji, President
Mr Peter Vaughan-Shaw, Vice President
Mr Henry Ferguson, Past President