Nomination: Kim Gorissen

Place of work: John Radcliffe Hospital

I met Kim Gorissen during my F1 year. I still remember her introductory lecture and the earnestness with which she gave that lecture. Later, when I did my first ward round with her, she was very kind in showing me how to use the systems and around the hospital. At no point did she lose her patience with me. She treated me like she treated her consultant colleagues, and the level of approachability and comfort level working with her makes her very unique.

She is also an excellent clinician. Her clinical management of patients as well as her patient manners in explaining the pathology and plan in simple terms is enviable. I have scrubbed in theatre with her, and she always found opportunities for me to be involved in even the most difficult cases. I wanted to be involved in teaching, and she gave me the chance to set up a teaching course at Oxford. She is also in charge of medical students rotating through emergency surgery, and always takes time to talk to them and ensure they have a useful experience. When I applied to core training, all of this was very helpful in securing my job. I know of very few female surgeons, who can be a colleague, mentor and role model. Kim Gorissen ranks very highly on that list.